Alloy 48 (Pernifer® 48, NILO® 48)

Alloy 48 | A Controlled Expansion Alloy

Alloy 48 is a nickel-iron controlled expansion alloy distributed by EFINEA  The alloy is comprised of 48% nickel with the balance of iron.  This alloy is commonly referenced under the manufacturer’s trade names of Pernifer® 48 and NILO® 48.  Industrial applications of the alloy are primarily found in electronics that require glass and or ceramic seals.


EFINEA is a leading global supplier of controlled expansion alloys including Alloy 48 round bar.  Upon request, we supply hand-forged bars and plate in prototype quantities.


The links contained on this page will provide you with detailed information on Alloy 48 forms and dimensions available, as well as the alloy’s properties, chemistry, specifications and an overview of applications that have incorporated this alloy.  Also, you will find a quick, easy-to-read reference guide to Machining Controlled Expansion Alloys.


At EFINEA our in-house capabilities include custom cutting, slitting, shearing or centerless grinding to meet your engineering specifications.  Our sales team of experienced material experts are available to assist you with Alloy 48 stock, competitive pricing, material shipping and any questions you might have. Contact us today!

NILO® is a registered trademark of Huntington Alloy Corp., USA.

Pernifer® is a registered trademark of VDM Metals GmbH, Germany.