Alloy 52 (Pernifer® 50, Glass Sealing 52® Alloy)

Alloy 52 Products

Alloy 52 (UNS N14052) is a controlled expansion alloy consisting of 50.5% nickel and the balance iron.  EFINEA stocks this alloy in round bar, rod, strip, and coil in an array of sizes to meet the needs of the marketplace.  Pernifer® 50 and CarTech® Glass Sealing 52 Alloy are the manufacturer’s trademark names of Alloy 52.


Alloy 52 conforms to the specifications of ASTM F30 standards.  Historically, the government/industry specifications covering these materials were:

•  MIL I 23011 Class 2  •  AMS I 23011 Class 2

MIL I 23011 is an old, abandoned specification and in 1998 it was superseded with AMS 23011.  Alloy 52 is designated Class 2 in these specifications.


When EFINEA buys Alloy 52 from our mill sources, we order to these specifications.  Our sources melt and manufacture to these standards and state such within our test reports.  This is to support the many legacy prints and applications that still exists and to maintain conformity the industry requires.


Alloy 52 is appropriate for applications where thermal expansion must be engineered into the design of the component due to temperature variations. Alloy 52 is suited for:

  • Structural measurement and control applications
    • Expansion and contraction due to temperature changes would negatively impact the accuracy of component.
  • Hermetic packaging
    • Alloy 52 is often nickel plated and then gold flashed to prevent corrosion and increase reliability. Click here for Alloy 52 applications.


Applications that require sealing to soft glasses, such as in lead wires for mercury switches and semiconductor devices, automotive and industrial lamps are examples of where Alloy 52 has been incorporated into the design.  The alloy is also applicable for enameled resistor terminals.


Customers depend on EFINEA’s in-house skilled fabrication team to cut, slit, shear or centerless grind their order to size.  Talk to our team of material experts about your project needs.  We strive to provide outstanding customer service and just-in-time delivery of all our quality materials.

NILO® is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corporation, USA.

Pernifer® is a registered trademark of VDM GmbH, Germany