Kovar® Plate – ASTM F15 Alloy

Pernifer® 2918, Dilver® P1, Nilo® K

When your project calls for Kovar® (ASTM F15) plate, contact the sales team at EFINEA  We are a leading supplier of high-quality, mill certified Kovar plate in a variety of sizes.  All of our Kovar plate (ASTM F15) stock is ready-to-ship within twenty-four hours of your confirmed order. Request a quote for our competitive plate prices!


Our inventory is stocked with Kovar plate in a variety of sizes to meet the material demands of our customers.  Check out the table below to see the range of available standard plate sizes of Kovar (ASTM F15) from EFINEA If the Kovar plate size you require is not listed, please contact us.  Our experienced sales team will advise you on hard-to-find material availability and delivery options to fulfill your needs.


Should you need your Kovar plate (ASTM F15) order cut to an exact specification, let the EFINEA in-house fabrication team save you time and money with our capabilities and state-of-the-art water jet and cutting equipment.

Below please find a sampling of our standard stock items. Our inventory fluctuates based on market demands. If you do not see the size or form you require, we ask that you call us for current product availability.
MaterialFormSize InchesSKU Number
ASTM F15 (Kovar)Plate0.187”F15-PL-187
ASTM F15 (Kovar)Plate0.230”F15-PL-230
ASTM F15 (Kovar)Plate0.250”F15-PL-250
ASTM F15 (Kovar)Plate0.281”F15-PL-281
ASTM F15 (Kovar)Plate0.312”F15-PL-312
ASTM F15 (Kovar)Plate0.375”F15-PL-375
ASTM F15 (Kovar)Plate0.437”F15-PL-437
ASTM F15 (Kovar)Plate0.500”F15-PL-500
ASTM F15 (Kovar)Plate0.625"F15-PL-625
ASTM F15 (Kovar)Plate0.750”F15-PL-750
ASTM F15 (Kovar)Plate1.000”F15-PL-1.000
ASTM F15 (Kovar)Plate1.250”F15-PL-1.250
ASTM F15 (Kovar)Plate1.500”F15-PL-1.500

To download your copy of the EFINEA Kovar® Alloy – ASTM F15 data sheet, or any other Controlled Expansion Alloy data sheets, please navigate to the Data Sheets section in our Technical Library.