Molybdenum Round Bar | Rod

molybdenum round bar rod refractory metal

When searching for pure Molybdenum bars and rods that are DFARS compliant, turn to EFINEA as your source.  Below please view a sampling of our standard round bar/rod stock.  If you do not see the size you require, we ask you to give us a call.  With two locations in NJ and CA our inventory is constantly being replenished.  Our in-house fabrication team provides precision cutting services for our customers who prefer to have their order cut to specification.  Stock orders are available to ship within 24-hrs of your order confirmation.  All orders are professionally packaged to ensure your materials arrive damage free.   EFINEA provides quality materials, exceptional customer service, competitive prices and on-time delivery – every order!

Molybdenum Round Bar Sizes

We stock commercially pure centerless ground Molybdenum in round bars and rods.  Our round bars range in diameter from 0.040” to 4.00”.  Contact our experienced sales team with your material sizes so we can match our round bar/rod inventory to your needs.  Your Molybdenum bar order ships with certification and conforms to ASTM B387 Type 361.

MaterialFormSize InchesSKU Number
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.040”MOLY-RD-040
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.045”MOLY-RD-045
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.050”MOLY-RD-050
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.060”MOLY-RD-060
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.0625"MOLY-RD-0625
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.070”MOLY-RD-070
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.075”MOLY-RD-075
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.079”MOLY-RD-079
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.080”MOLY-RD-080
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.090”MOLY-RD-090
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.100”MOLY-RD-100
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.115”MOLY-RD-115
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.125”MOLY-RD-125
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.175”MOLY-RD-175
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.1875”MOLY-RD-1875
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.250”MOLY-RD-250
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.3125”MOLY-RD-3125
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.375”MOLY-RD-375
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.500”MOLY-RD-500
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.625”MOLY-RD-625
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.750”MOLY-RD-750
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod0.875”MOLY-RD-875
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod1.000”MOLY-RD-1.000
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod1.125”MOLY-RD-1.125
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod1.181”MOLY-RD-1.181
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod1.250”MOLY-RD-1.250
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod1.375”MOLY-RD-1.375
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod1.500”MOLY-RD-1.500
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod2.000”MOLY-RD-2.000
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod2.500”MOLY-RD-2.500
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod3.150”MOLY-RD-3.150
MolybdenumRound Bar | Rod4.000”MOLY-RD-4.000

Molybdenum Description

Molybdenum bars retain their strength and creep resistance at high temperatures making them an excellent material selection for industrial vacuum furnace heating elements, racks and hardware. The maximum operating temperature of Molybdenum is around 1900°C.  At higher temperature it is recommended Tungsten be used.  Molybdenum’s outstanding high temperature performance and its ability to withstand aggressive glass melts makes it an applicable material as an electrode in glass melting applications and as a stirrer for molten glass.

Molybdenum Properties

  • High Melting Point
  • Low Vapor Pressure
  • High Strength at Elevated Temperatures
  • Low Thermal Expansion
  • High Thermal Conductivity
  • Low Heat Capacity
  • High Elastic Modulus
  • High Corrosion Resistance to Molten Glass and Metals
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance.

To download your EFINEA Molybdenum data sheet, or any other Refractory Metals and Alloys data sheets, please go to the Data Sheets section in our Technical Library.