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Tungsten is a silver-grey metal well known for having the highest melting point (3420°C) of all metals and lowest vapor pressure of all metals at temperatures above 1650°C.  Tungsten also has the highest boiling point (5555°C) of all elements and has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion.  A member of the transition metals group, Tungsten is classified as a refractory metal. It exhibits good electrical and thermal conductivity, high density, a remarkably high modulus of elasticity and good dimensional stability making it an excellent material for high vacuum technology, glass seals and furnace construction.


Tungsten’s high density gives it a capacity to absorb radioactive radiation making it particularly useful as shielding material in the medical and nuclear industries. It is also widely used as an additive to Steel to enhance the physical properties of the Steel. Tungsten is also combined with small amounts of Nickel, Copper, and Iron to produce high density machinable Tungsten Alloys.  EFINEA stocks commercially pure Tungsten in plate, precision cut wire, round bar/rod and sheet.



  • Symbol: W
  • Category: Transition Metal, Group 6
  • Atomic Number: 74
  • Crystal Structure: Body-centered Cubic
  • Discovered: 1783

Tungsten Forms and Sizes

EFINEA is your source for in-stock, competitively priced Tungsten.  Available in plate, precision cut wire, round bar/rod, and sheet, you can depend on our Tungsten inventory to include the forms and sizes you need in-stock, cut to your specifications and shipped when you need them.

refractory metal tungsten plate

Tungsten Plate

We stock Tungsten plate in a range of thickness up to 1.000”.  All orders ship with certification that material conforms ASTM B760 standards.

tungsten wire refractory metal

Tungsten Precision Cut Wire

Tungsten precision cut wire is available to your tolerance, concentricity and straightness. View our supply of precision cut wire ready to be custom cut to your length specifications.

tungsten round bar rod refractory metal

Tungsten Round Bar | Rod

Stocking commercially pure Tungsten rods which conforms to ASTM F288, select from our wide range of bar diameters.

tungsten sheet refractory metal

Tungsten Sheet

Our Tungsten sheet stock is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.002” up to 0.750”. Our sheet conforms to ASTM B760 standards.

Tungsten Characteristics and Properties

In its pure form Tungsten’s density is 19.25 g/cm3 which is 1.7 times that of lead.  It is also known for the highest melting point of all metals at 3420°C.  Continue evaluating pure Tungsten’s typical mechanical and physical properties for inclusion in your application.

tungsten mechanical physical properties specifications chemistry
  • Density of 19.25 g/cm3
  • Good Electrical and Thermal Conductivity
  • Outstanding Creep Resistance
  • Highest Melting Point of all the Refractory Metals at 3420°C
  • Highest Tensile Strength of all Metals
  • High Modulus of Elasticity
  • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
  • Low Vapor Pressure at Elevated Temperatures

Machining of Tungsten

machining pure tungsten refractory metalPure Tungsten is difficult to machine and will result in considerable tool wear. Typically, bending, folding and other chipless forming procedures must be done above the brittle to ductile transition temperature. Sheets will require a higher preheating temperature for cutting and punching than for folding operations. The thicker the sheets, the higher the processing temperature required.


Please refer to Tungsten Heavy Alloys as your alloy of choice when an application requires machining as part of the final process.

Tungsten Applications

Tungsten welding electrodes dental tools x-ray shielding applications

Tungsten is often selected as the “metal of choice” for applications that require the unique material properties of this refractory metal.  The following list represents a sampling of some of the applications where Tungsten is employed.

  • Counterbalances

  • Electrodes

  • Evaporation Sources in Metal Processes

  • Filaments in Light Bulbs

  • Glass-to-Metal Seals

  • Heating Elements

  • High Temperature Furnace Components

  • Medical Devices

  • Melting and Solidifying Vessels for Sapphire Crystal Growth
  • Office Machinery

  • Penetrating Projectiles/Armaments

  • Support Structures for Power Tubes

  • Radiation Shielding

  • Welding Electrodes

  • X-ray Tubes

For more information on technology, engineering and advanced materials applications, you can visit the IEEE website, one of the largest technical professional organizations worldwide.

Due to its exceptional performance in high temperature applications, Tungsten is used extensively in the commercial heat treating industry. For more information on this industry, you can visit the ASM Heat Treating Society — the world’s largest network of heat treating professionals.

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