Soft Magnetic Alloys Supplier

EFINEA is a leading supplier of soft magnetic alloys in bar, rod, sheet, coil. Soft magnetic alloys are easily magnetized and demagnetized. They are uniquely suited for specialized applications that require high permeability, low losses and low residual magnetism. Only several alloy families meet these characteristics. These include certain nickel-irons, silicon-irons, cobalt-irons, ferritic stainless steels and pure iron. Selection of a particular alloy requires careful consideration.

Soft Magnetic Alloys Product Portfolio


EFINEA Alloy 50

A soft magnetic nickel-iron alloy, EFINEA Alloy 50, consists of approximately 47% to 49% nickel and the balance Iron. This alloy is applicable when extremely high permeability at low magnetizing forces are needed as it increases the efficiency and performance of magnetic devices. EFINEA Alloy 50 exhibits the highest saturation induction within the nickel-iron alloys. EFINEA Alloy 50 is known by the following trade names: Magnifer 50® and High Permeability 49®.


EFINEA Alloy 79

EFINEA Alloy 79 is a soft magnetic, unoriented, nickel-iron-molybdenum alloy consisting of approximately 79%-82% nickel and the balance Iron. EFINEA Alloy 79 provides extremely high initial permeability and maximum permeability with minimum hysteresis loss. EFINEA Alloy 79 is also known by their manufacturer’s trademark names: Magnifer 7904®, CarTech HyMu 80® and Moly Permalloy.


Hiperco® 50, 50A, 50 HS

Hiperco® 50, 50A and 50 HS are three iron-cobalt soft magnetic alloys produced by Carpenter Technology. Hiperco 50, 50A and 50 HS are comprised of approximately 49% cobalt and 2% vanadium. Niobium (columbium) is added to the manufacturing of Hiperco® 50 and Hiperco 50 HS to control grain growth and increase the levels of mechanical strength and magnetic properties.

Hiperco® 50 offers high magnetic saturation and low core loss as compared to electrical steel. This alloy offers the highest forces for actuators in applications for consumer electronics.

Hiperco® 50A is primarily a wrought product. The strip form of Hiperco S0A is applicable for non-rotating components such as stators.

Hiperco® 50 HS produces a higher yield strength than conventional Hiperco® 50 alloy. Hiperco® 50 HS is used primarily in laminations for high-speed generators and magnetic bearings.

The Hiperco® family of alloys exhibit the highest magnetic saturation of any other commercial alloys and excel in applications where this attribute is needed. These alloys have higher mechanical strength than other soft magnetic alloys.


Core Iron (VIM VAR)

Core Iron (VIM VAR) is a low carbon magnetic iron produced using vacuum induction melting plus vacuum arc re-melting practices (VIM VAR). Other trace elements commonly found in low carbon irons are held as low as possible to ensure good DC magnetic properties. Double vacuum melting minimizes nonmetallic inclusions so that thin wall sections will not contain leaks due to internal discontinuities. Core Iron (VIM VAR) is also known as CarTech® Consumet Electrical Iron®.

EFINEA is the global leading supplier of soft magnetic alloys, refractory metals, controlled expansion alloys and electronic nickels for applications in aerospace, aviation, electrical, energy, medical, research, telecommunications and various high-technology industries.




CarTech® Hiperco®, CarTech® High Permeability, CarTech® Hipernom, CarTech® HyMu® 80,  CarTech®  Consumet Electrical Iron are trademarks of CRS Holdings Inc., Delaware, USA, Magnifer® is a trademark VDM GmbH, Germany