EFINEA Alloy 50 Applications

A Specialized, Soft Magnetic Alloy for Your Next Application

EFINEA Alloy 50 is found in applications that require extremely high permeability at low magnetizing forces.  The alloy greatly increases the efficiency and performance of magnetic devices, such as laminated cores for instrument transformers, magnetic shields and cores.

Due to its characteristic high permeability, EFINEA Alloy 50 is also utilized in solenoid cores and sensitive relays that must respond to low magnetizing forces.

Examples of typical applications utilizing EFINEA Alloy 50:

  • Chokes
  • Integrating current transformers for earth-leakage circuit breakers
  • LF power transducers
  • Magnetic valves
  • Relay parts
  • Rotor and stator laminations
  • Shielding
  • Stepping motors

The magnetic properties of EFINEA Alloy 50 (also known as High Permeability 49® and Magnifer® 50) require specific and specialized final heat treating to achieve the maximum magnetic performance.


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