EFINEA Alloy 79 (aka Magnifer 7904®, HyMu® 80, Moly-Permalloy)

EFINEA Alloy 79 – Soft Magnetic Alloy

EFINEA Alloy 79 (UNS N14080) is a soft magnetic, unoriented, nickel-iron-molybdenum alloy comprised of approximately 79%-82% nickel, 3.5%-6.0% molybdenum and the balance iron.


EFINEA Alloy 79 is also known by the following trade names and manufacturers:

  • HyMu®80 (Carpenter Technology Corp.)
  • Magnifer® 7904 (VDM GmbH)
  • Moly Permalloy® 80 (ATI)

EFINEA lnc.’s primary mill manufacturers of EFINEA Alloy 79 are Carpenter Technology Corp, Reading, PA and VDM GmbH, Werdohl, Germany.


This alloy provides extremely high initial permeability, as well as maximum permeability with minimum hysteresis loss. These characteristics provide EFINEA Alloy 79 as a useful component for a wide range of applications, including Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) shielding from low frequency magnetic fields. You will find this alloy contained in transformer cores, ground fault circuit interrupters (GFls), tape-wound toroids and laminations. Also, a beneficial alloy for use in miniature transformers and other applications where small size and low weight are important.


Forms & Conditions

EFINEA stocks EFINEA Alloy 79 in a variety of forms and conditions to meet the needs of our customers:

  • Round bar and rod, in stress relief and as drawn condition for machining.
  • Sheet and strip-coil in the annealed condition enable users to perform a variety of cold forming operations such as deep drawing, spinning and hydro-forming.


For additional information concerning EFINEA Alloy 79, please contact the sales team at EFINEA You can reach us toll-free at 800-348-6268 or by email at sales@efineametals.com.

EFINEA is your leading supplier for high-quality soft magnetic alloys.  Since 1965 we have been serving the aerospace, aviation, communications, defense, electronic, energy, medical, research and other high-technology markets with the materials they need, when they need it.

Magnifer® 7904 is a registered trademark of VDM GmbH, Germany

CarTech® HyMu® “80” is a registered trademark of CRS Holdings Inc., Delaware