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core iron (VIM VAR) soft magnetic alloy properties

EFINEA supplies Core Iron (VIM VAR) a low carbon magnetic iron that is produced using vacuum induction melting plus vacuum arc re-melting practices when vacuum integrity is needed. As a guide in your evaluation of this material, the property values are contained in the tables below in which you will find the typical magnetic, physical and mechanical properties including its chemistry.


This premium commercially pure iron is able to display a wide variety of magnetic characteristics that are a function of the heat treatment process. To achieve the most magnetically soft condition, please refer to Ferromagnetic Annealing Core Iron.


If you need further property information or have questions about Core Iron (VIM VAR), please contact the EFINEA sales team.

Core Iron (VIM VAR) Typical DC Magnetic Properties

Saturation Induction - Gauss21,500
Maximum Relative Permeability9,400
Coercive Force - Oersteds1.5
Coercive Force - A/m68
Residual Induction (T)1.44
Note: Annealed at 843°C for four hours in wet hydrogen. Residual induction (Br) and coercive field strength, (Hcb) are measured from a maximum flux density of 1.5T.
Source: ASTM A848-17 Table x1.1

Core Iron (VIM VAR) Mean Coefficient of Expansion

Temp Range 25°C to:Coefficient ppm per °CTemp Range 25 °C to:Coefficient ppm per °C
Source: EFI Master Carpenter VIM VAR Core Iron

Core Iron (VIM VAR) Typical Physical Properties

Densitylb/cu in0.284
Specific Gravity7.86
Curie Temp°F1418
Melting Point°F2800
Electrical Resistivityohm-cir mil/ft78
µ ohms-cm13
Thermal ConductivityBTU-in/sq. ft-hr-°F508
W/cm °C0.73
Specific HeatJ/kg∙K452
Cal/gm °C0.108
Thermal Expansionppm/°C (25°C to 200°C)12.6
Source: EFI Master Carpenter VIM VAR Core Iron

Core Iron (VIM VAR) Typical Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strengthksi50
Yield Strengthksi27
Elongation% in 2".45
Typical Hardness Ann.Rockwell HRB65
Modulus of Elasticityksi30
Source: EFI Master Carpenter VIM VAR Core Iron

Core Iron (VIM VAR) Chemistry

Carbon, max.0.020
Manganese, max.0.35
Silicon, max.0.15
Phosphorous, max.0.030
Sulfur, max.0.025
Chromium, max.0.20
Nickel, max.0.15
Vanadium, max.0.10
Titanium, max.0.10
Aluminum, max.0.10
Vanadium, titanium and aluminum are not required but may be added to suppress magnetic aging; if present they shall be analyzed and reported.
Source: ASTM International. A848-17 Standard Specification, Table 1, Alloy Type 1

Core Iron (VIM VAR) Specifications

ASTM A848 Type 1

For additional information on specifications of the materials distributed by EFINEA, please visit the websites of the international organizations that develop and publish technical standards: ASTM International and ASM International.

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