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Custom Programs & Solutions

EFINEA specialty is solving the supply chain and inventory management challenges faced by our customers by offering customized plans, such as our consignment and stocking programs. 

Every day the team at EFINEA strives to furnish customers with high-quality special purpose metals and alloys, competitive market pricing in conjunction with all the services you expect from an exceptional supply chain.  Talk to us about the business challenges you face in your supply chain process.  We are here to provide you with effective, individualized solutions catered to the demands of your business.

Custom Stocking Plan

No space for inventory? Need to maximize your yield? EFINEA Customer Stocking Program provides customers with the peace-of-mind that their materials can be shipped on demand, in the quantities as needed.

Consignment Program

Talk to us about joining the EFINEA Consignment Program. The Consignment Program puts the inventory you need on your floor, when you need it. The program provides customers the resources to streamline their manufacturing process, therefore, generating bottom-line cost savings and service improvement.  It reduces administrative burdens by taking a mill order minimum, storing your stock in our inventory and shipping materials in the quantities you require — as you need them.  Monthly reports are generated that provide material usage along with adjustments to your inventory.

Talk to Our Experts

Do you have questions pertaining to an alloy’s thermal expansion or selecting one alloy over another?  You have come to the right company!  At EFINEA our material experts are knowledgeable professionals in the materials we supply, plus our team of metallurgists specialize in refractory metals, controlled expansion, soft magnetic alloys and electronic nickels.  So, all questions will be answered. Call us at 800-348-6268 or email us at

Just-In-Time Shipping

We understand deadlines!   All of EFINEA inventory of stock alloys and metals can ship within twenty-four hours of placing your order.

No Order Is Too Small!

We serve customers of all sizes in virtually every industry that utilize the special purpose metals and alloys we supply.  Whatever your needs, regardless of size, weight, etc., EFINEA is certain we can deliver the materials you are looking for.  Call us today at 800-348-6268.  Our motto has always been ” No order is too small.”