Alloy 46 Properties

alloy 46 properties physical mechanical expansion chemistry specifications

Since many factors determine the selection of an alloy for inclusion in an application, EFINEA has compiled the typical properties of Alloy 46 (UNS K94600) for your reference.  Contained in the tables below you will find the average linear coefficient of thermal expansion, physical and mechanical properties, chemical composition, along with specifications for Alloy 46.


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You may download your copy of the EFINEA Alloy 46 data sheet or any of the other Controlled Expansion Alloy data sheets, by linking to the Data Sheets section in our Technical Library.

Alloy 46 Average Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion µm/m∙ °C

Temperature Range °CUNS K94600Temperature Range °CUNS K94600
30 to 300 7.530 to 700 10.7
30 to 3507.1 to 7.8*30 to 800 11.6
30 to 400 7.5 30 to 90012.5
30 to 500 8.2 to 8.9*30 to 100013.4
30 to 600 9.8
Source: ASTM F30-96 (2017), Table X1.1, 46 Alloy; *ASTM F30-96 (2017) Table 2

To compare the linear coefficient of thermal expansion across our line of controlled expansion glass and sealing alloys, please refer to the Thermal Expansion Table.

Alloy 46 Typical Physical Properties

Densitylb/cu in0.295
Specific Gravity8.17
Curie Temp°F860
Melting Point°F2600
Electrical Resistivityohm-cir mil/ft 277
Thermal ConductivityBTU-in/sq. ft-hr-°F79.2
W/cm °C 0.11
Specific HeatCal/g °C0.12
Source: ASTM International F30-96 (2017) | EFI Glass-to-metal sealing/Low expansion alloys data sheet v.1/98.

Alloy 46 Typical Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strengthksi80
Yield Strengthksi35
Elongation% in 2 in.30
Typical Hardness Ann.Rockwell HRB80
Modulus of Elasticity ksi23
Source: ASTM International F30-96 (2017)

Alloy 46 Chemistry

Nickel, nominal46.00
Manganese, max0.80
Silicon, max.0.30
Carbon, max.0.05
Chromium, max.0.25
Phosphorus, max.0.025
Sulfur, max.0.025
Aluminum, max.0.10
*Cobalt is present as an incidental element.
Source: ASTM International F30-96, Table 1, 46 Alloy

Alloy 46 Specifications

ASTM F30MIL-1-23011 CL 4AMS 1-23011 CL 4UNS K94600

For additional information on specifications of the materials distributed by EFINEA, please visit the websites of the international organizations that develop and publish technical standards: ASTM International and ASM International.