EFINEA Alloy 79 Properties

effi alloy 79 mechanical physical properties specifications chemistry

EFINEA recognizes that proper material selection is very important for the long term success of engineering applications. With this in mind, the properties of EFINEA Alloy 79 are provided below to assist in your evaluation. Within these tables you will find the typical AC and DC magnetic properties for this soft magnetic alloy. The typical physical, mechanical and chemistry data along with specifications are also included as a guide in your analysis.


EFINEA Alloy 79 is a nickel-iron-molybdenum alloy that is beneficial for conditions where extremely high initial and maximum permeability is needed with minimum hysteresis.


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For an EFINEA Alloy 79 data sheet, or any other Soft Magnetics Alloys data sheets, please go to the Data Sheets section in our Technical Library.

EFINEA Alloy 79 Typical DC Magnetic Properties

Sheet & Strip
Permeability at 4 mT (40 G), min.55,000
Permeability at 10 mT (100 G), min.70,000
Maximum Permeability, min.250,000
Coercive Field Strength A/m (Oe), max.*1.2 (0.015)
*The coercive field strength is determined from a maximum magnetic flux density of 0.5 T (5kG)
Source: ASTM A753, Table 4, Alloy Type 4, Sheet and Strip (0.020 < d < 0.060 in.)

EFINEA Alloy 79 Typical AC Magnetic Properties

Minimum AC Impedance Permeability (μz) At A Peak Magnetic Flux Density
4 mT (40G)
20 mT (200 G)
200 mT (2000 G)
60-Hz AC Magnetic Requirements
Source: ASTM A753, Table 5, Alloy Type 4, UNS N1 4080, Thickness 0.51 mm / 0.020 in.

EFINEA Alloy 79 Typical Physical Properties

Densityg/cm38.74 - 8.79
Curie Temp°F734
Melting Range°F2650
Electrical Resistivityohm-cir mil/ft349
Thermal ConductivityBTU-in/sq. ft-hr- °F134
W/cm • K0.32
Mean Specific HeatBTU/lbm- °F0.1180
J/Kg • K494
Thermal Expansionppm / °F (75°F to 842°F)7.5
ppm / °C (25°C to 450°C)13.6
Source: ASTM A753, Table X1.1, Alloy Type 4, (Annealed) | Carpenter Electrification HyMu “80®” Data Sheet v. 5/20

EFINEA Alloy 79 Typical Mechanical Properties

Ultimate Tensile Strengthksi84
Yield Strengthksi32
Elongation% in 2 in.40
HV 1000160
Source: ASTM A753, Table X1.3, Alloy Type 4, Mill Annealed Strip w/max. thickness of 0.100 in.

EFINEA Alloy 79 Chemistry

Carbon, max0.05
Manganese, max0.80
Silicon, max0.50
Phosphorus, max0.02
Sulfur, max0.01
Chromium, max0.30
Cobalt, max0.50
Copper, max0.30
*Iron is the balance by difference. Quantitative analysis of this element is not required.
Source: ASTM A753 Table 2, Alloy Type 4, UNS N14080 Chemical Requirements

EFINEA Alloy 79 Specifications

ASTM A753 Type 4MIL N-14411CUNS N14080

For additional information on specifications of the materials distributed by EFINEA, please visit the websites of the international organizations that develop and publish technical standards: ASTM International and ASM International.

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