Nickel 205 & 270 Round Bar | Rod

electrical electronic nickel 205 & 270 round bar & rod

EFINEA wants to be your leading supplier when you need commercially pure nickel especially designed for electrical components. EFINEA inventory contains electronic Nickel 205 and Nickel 270 in round bar | rod forms. Nickel 205 round bar diameters range from 1.000 inches to over 2.000″. Nickel 270 bar diameters start at 0.500 inches and range up to 2.500 inches. Turn to EFINEA as your trusted supplier when you require quality grades of Nickel 205 and Nickel 270.


The professional sales team at EFINEA is here to assist you. Our in-house cutting capabilities allow us to cut your bar | rods to your desired length or blank size. We ship Nickel 205 and Nickel 270 from our warehouses with a material test report and certification of conformance. All EFINEA standard stock orders ship within one business day of your order confirmation.

Below please find a sampling of our standard stock items. Our inventory fluctuates based on market demands. If you do not see the size or form you require, we ask that you call us for current product availability.
MaterialFormSizes InchesSKU Number
Nickel 205 Round Bar | Rod1.000”NI205-RD-1.000
Nickel 205Round Bar | Rod1.008”NI205-RD-1.008
Nickel 205Round Bar | Rod1.125”NI205-RD-1.125
Nickel 205Round Bar | Rod1.133”NI205-RD-1.133
Nickel 205Round Bar | Rod1.250”NI205-RD-1.250
Nickel 205Round Bar | Rod1.258”NI205-RD-1.258
Nickel 205Round Bar | Rod1.500”NI205-RD-1.500
Nickel 205Round Bar | Rod1.508”NI205-RD-1.508
Nickel 205Round Bar | Rod1.750”NI205-RD-1.750
Nickel 205Round Bar | Rod1.758”NI205-RD-1.758
Nickel 205Round Bar | Rod2.000”NI205-RD-2.000
MaterialFormSize InchesSKU Number
Nickel 270Round Bar | Rod0.500”NI270-RD-0.500
Nickel 270Round Bar | Rod1.000”NI270-RD-1.000
Nickel 270Round Bar | Rod1.008”NI270-RD-1.008
Nickel 270Round Bar | Rod1.125”NI270-RD-1.125
Nickel 270Round Bar | Rod1.133”NI270-RD-1.133
Nickel 270Round Bar | Rod1.250”NI270-RD-1.250
Nickel 270Round Bar | Rod1.258”NI270-RD-1.258
Nickel 270Round Bar | Rod1.500”NI270-RD-1.500
Nickel 270Round Bar | Rod1.508”NI270-RD-1.508
Nickel 270Round Bar | Rod1.750”NI270-RD-1.750
Nickel 270Round Bar | Rod1.758”NI270-RD-1.758
Nickel 270Round Bar | Rod2.000”NI270-RD-2.000
Nickel 270Round Bar | Rod2.500”NI270-RD-2.500

To download your copy of the EFINEA Nickel 205 or Nickel 270 data sheet or any of our other Nickel data sheets, please go to the Data Sheets section in our Technical Library.