Our Mission

We Creatively Solve the World's Material Challenges, Need by Need, Customer by Customer

These Days at EFINEA
EFINEA is a leading global supplier of specialty metals and special purpose alloys. Our materials serve the application and fabrication requirements for a broad range of high technology industries and manufacturers ranging from aerospace, aviation, defense, electronics, energy, medical, optical, research just to name a few. From our two environmentally controlled warehouses in New Jersey and California, our stock of Controlled Expansion Alloys, Soft Magnetic Alloys, Electronic Nickels and Refractory Metals & Alloys creatively solves the material challenges of our customers. Our unmatched range of specialty metals and alloys are available from stock in bar, coil, plate, rod, sheet, strip, rod, wire. Our materials conform to specification standards and are ready-to-ship within 24-hours of your order confirmation.


To Be the Dominant Choice of Our Partners and Set the Industry Standards for EXCELLENCE

Our Vision is to be the dominant choice of our partners for their specialty metals and alloys requirements. The EFINEA team is dedicated to setting the industry standards for EXCELLENCE as your trusted supplier.


Virtue Bubbles

The EFINEA Team lives and works by our Values of Excellence, Family, Integrity, Respect, Balance, Creativity, Relationships and Safety.

Balance — Maintaining HARMONY, HEART and HAPPINESS

Creativity — Committed to Finding Unique, Unconventional SOLUTIONS that Differentiate US from the Ordinary

Excellence — High Standards of RELIABILITY, REPUTATION and RESULTS

Family — Our community is a Sanctuary that Fosters COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING

Integrity — There is POWER in the HIGH STANDARDS of Truth, Transparency and Keeping Promises

Relationships — Mutual Collaboration is a Transformative PARTNERSHIP that Magnetizes SUCCESSFUL GROWTH

Respect — Earned by Actions, GIVEN TO OTHERS and Commanded by Thyself

Safety — Physical, Environmental and Enterprise — We PROTECT Each Other to SECURE Our FUTURE TOGETHER