Tungsten Heavy Alloys (WHA) Forms & Sizes

tungsten heavy metal alloy round bar rod

When you require Tungsten Heavy Alloys (WHA), make EFINEA your primary source.  Since 1965, we have supplied high-quality special purpose metals and alloys while providing the highest level of service, competitive pricing and on-time delivery to our customers throughout the world.  Below is an outline of the Tungsten Heavy Alloys (WHA) products we supply.  Our Tungsten Alloys rods are stocked in a variety of densities and meet the ASTM B777-15 standard.


Since WHA is produced by powder metallurgy techniques, components, parts and shapes are often custom manufactured to customer specifications. We ask that you call us at 800-348-6268 about our in-stock WHA round bar, as well as the production of your Tungsten Alloy blanks, components, parts, and shapes. All stock orders are available to ship within 24-hrs of order confirmation, and materials are professionally packaged to ensure your order arrives damage free. Materials are certified with shipment and no order is too small.

Tungsten Heavy Alloys Round Bar | Rod Sizes

EFINEA stocks ASTM B777-15 compliant WHA round bars and rods in a range of diameters and lengths.  Contact the sales team so we can match your bar requirements to our inventory.  We custom cut our materials in-house.


MaterialFormSize Inches
Tungsten AlloysRound Bar | Rod0.125" to 3.000" Diameter x 8.0" to 12.0" Long*
*Supplied ROTF (Rough Oversize to Finish) or Centerless Ground to Customer's Specifications. Other sizes quoted on request.

Tungsten Heavy Alloys Parts, Plates, Shapes and Sheets Sizes

Tungsten Heavy Alloy Parts
tungsten alloys parts
Tungsten Heavy Alloy Parts

Since Tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals (6180°F/3420°C), casting Tungsten Alloy components or parts is not possible. Therefore, Tungsten Alloys are produced by powder metallurgy techniques which provides customers many cost saving benefits. For instance, single pieces, small batch quantity parts, components, or shapes can be produced at near-net sizes minimizing the machining required and reducing the waste material lost during the machining process. Often it is more economical and efficient to produce a series of smaller parts instead of one large part that can then be assembled into a larger unit by press fitting, mechanical fastening, brazing, etc. For complex parts or where close tolerances must be met, a blank is often produced to near-net size either in the die design stage, or by cutting the blank during the pre-sintered state, minimizing machining and material costs.  Call the EFINEA sales team today with your part requirements, diagrams or schematics.


Our ASTM B777-15 compliant Tungsten Alloys Parts, Plate, Shapes, Sheets and other forms are available in various densities and grades and manufactured to your specifications.

Tungsten Alloys (WHA)Parts*Parts can be produced to finished or oversized-to-print dimensions. Please contact your EFINEA sales representative with your requirements.
Tungsten Alloys (WHA)Plate Contact us with your plate thickness.
Tungsten Alloys (WHA)Shapes*Shapes can be produced to finished or oversized-to-print dimensions. Please contact us with your specifications.
Tungsten Alloys (WHA)SheetContact us with your sheet thickness.
*Typically supplied ROTF (Rough Oversize to Finish)

Tungsten Heavy Alloys Description

Pure Tungsten powder is combined with select elements such as Nickel, Copper or Iron to produce Tungsten Heavy Alloys (WHA).  This powder metallurgy process of pressing and liquid phase sintering of Tungsten with these elements results in four classes of Tungsten Heavy Alloys. The four classes are distinguished in ASTM B777-15 by their final density which is based on the nominal percentage of 90% to 97% Tungsten powder.  Classes one, two and three are available in magnetic or non-magnetic composition and class four is available in magnetic composition only.  The magnetic variations use Iron as the binder while Copper is used for non-magnetic compositions. Tungsten Alloys are also known by their manufacturer’s trademark names of Densalloy®, Densimet®, Mallory 1000 and Fansteel 77.


Tungsten Heavy Alloys Properties

  • Excellent Oxidation Resistance
  • Good Ductility and Hardness
  • Good Machinability
  • High Density More than 50% Heavier than Lead
  • High Thermal Conductivity
  • Efficient Manufacturing of Components and Parts
  • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
  • Magnetic and Nonmagnetic Grades Available

To download an EFINEA Tungsten Alloys data sheet, or any other Refractory Metals and Alloys data sheets, please navigate to the Data Sheets section in our Technical Library.