Tungsten Alloy Applications

EFINEA is a leading source for industrial supply chain distribution of heavy metal tungsten alloy grades for fabrication and parts applications within various advanced technology industries.  With a nominal tungsten content range from 89% to 97% and the balance primarily of nickel, copper and iron, these alloys provide unique engineering properties.  It delivers greater ductility and better machinability than pure tungsten. Tungsten alloys can be plated or painted to enhance their corrosion protection.

Counterbalance Weights | Vibration Dampening

  • Aircraft control surfaces
  • Automotive suspension systems
  • Computer disc drives
  • Engine components
  • Golf club weights
  • Helicopter rotor systems
  • Racing industry
  • Ship ballasts

Radiation Shielding Components

  • Collimators
  • Oil well logging instrumentation
  • Nuclear testing equipment
  • Shielding blocks

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