Tungsten Plate

refractory metal tungsten plateMake EFINEA your trusted source for all your refractory metals.  Outlined below is a sample of our standard commercially pure Tungsten plate stock.  If you do not see what you are looking for, we ask that call us for our current inventory.  Our stock fluctuates due to mill production and market demand.  Stock orders are available to ship within 24-hrs of your order confirmation.  You can depend on your materials arriving damage free as all orders are professionally packaged for shipping. Call the sales team at EFINEA toll free, 1-800-348-6268, to share your Tungsten plate size requirements.  Let us be your first source for all your Tungsten and refractory metals.

Tungsten Plate Sizes

Our DFARS compliant, commercially pure Tungsten plate has the highest melting point of all the elements, available from stock in thicknesses starting at 0.1875” up to 1.000”.   We provide material certification and confirmation that it meets ASTM B760 standards.  Our in-house fabrication team provides precision waterjet cutting and shearing services for customers who prefer to have their plates delivered to specification.

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Tungsten Description

Tungsten, also known as wolfram, is a chemical element identified by the symbol W.  Tungsten like Molybdenum are both located in the same group within the periodic table called refractory metals. While both metals share similar characteristics of high melting points coupled with a low vapor pressure, many of Tungsten’s properties surpass those of Molybdenum. Having the highest melting point of all metals, a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, and outstanding creep resistance makes Tungsten an outstanding choice for applications experiencing intense heat.


Tungsten Properties

EFINEA supplies Tungsten in a variety of plate dimensions that conform to ASTM B760.  Other forms and references for Tungsten may use these specifications:  ASTM F288, AMS 7898 / 7899, CAS 7440-33-7.

  • High Density
  • High Melting Point
  • Good Electrical Conductivity
  • Good Corrosion Resistance
  • Good High-Temperature Stability
  • Low Vapor Pressure

To download an EFINEA Tungsten data sheet, or any other Refractory Metals and Alloys data sheets, please go to the Data Sheets section in our Technical Library.