Alloy 52 Strip | Coil

alloy 52 controlled expansion alloy strip coilEFINEA is a leading supplier of Alloy 52, a controlled expansion alloy, which is comprised of 50.5% nominal nickel, balance iron. We stock Alloy 52 in the form of strip | coil. Our strip | coil inventory ranges in diameters starting at 0.010″ and is ready for just-in-time shipment.


Alloy 52 is suited for use in the semiconductor and telecommunications industries for applications where the thermal expansion must be engineered into design of the component due to temperature variations.


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Below please find a sampling of our standard stock items. Our inventory fluctuates based on market demands. If you do not see the size or form you require, we ask that you call us for current product availability.
MaterialFormSize InchesSKU Number
Alloy 52Strip | Coil0.010”52NI-CO-010
Alloy 52Strip | Coil0.015”52NI-CO-015

For an EFINEA Alloy 52 data sheet, or any other Controlled Expansion Alloy data sheets, please go to the Data Sheets section in our Technical Library.