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tungsten round bar rod refractory metal

Various industries turn to EFINEA as their trusted source for round bars and rods produced from powdered Tungsten.  View a sample of our high purity standard stock bar items below.  If you do not see the diameter listed, we ask that you call us for our current material availability.  Stock orders are ready to ship within 24-hrs of confirmation or custom cut your order.  Whether we ship your order from our NJ or CA locations, your materials will arrive professionally packaged and free from damage.  Request a quote today or call our team of experts for our pricing.  We strive to be your first choice for all your DFARs Tungsten requirements.


Tungsten Round Bar | Rod Sizes

Our extensive inventory is stocked with pure Tungsten round bar in random twelve-foot lengths.  Select your diameter from our range of sizes listed below.

MaterialFormSize InchesSKU Number
Tungsten Round Bar | Rod0.030”W-RD-030
TungstenRound Bar | Rod0.040”W-RD-040
TungstenRound Bar | Rod0.050”W-RD-050
TungstenRound Bar | Rod0.060”W-RD-060
TungstenRound Bar | Rod0.080”W-RD-080
TungstenRound Bar | Rod0.090”W-RD-090
TungstenRound Bar | Rod0.100”W-RD-100
TungstenRound Bar | Rod0.125”W-RD-125
TungstenRound Bar | Rod0.150”W-RD-150
TungstenRound Bar | Rod0.157”W-RD-157
TungstenRound Bar | Rod0.187”W-RD-187
TungstenRound Bar | Rod0.200”W-RD-200
TungstenRound Bar | Rod0.250”W-RD-250
TungstenRound Bar | Rod0.312”W-RD-312
TungstenRound Bar | Rod0.375”W-RD-375
TungstenRound Bar | Rod0.500”W-RD-500
TungstenRound Bar | Rod0.625”W-RD-625
TungstenRound Bar | Rod0.750”W-RD-750
TungstenRound Bar | Rod0.875”W-RD-875
TungstenRound Bar | Rod1.000”W-RD-1.00
TungstenRound Bar | Rod1.250”W-RD-1.250
TungstenRound Bar | Rod1.5748”W-RD-1.5748

Tungsten Description

Tungsten is considered a transition metal and is located on the periodic table between Tantalum and Rhenium.  Tungsten’s mechanical properties are often said to be similar to Molybdenum but in Tungsten they are more pronounced.  Like Molybdenum, Tungsten has a body-centered cubic lattice with the same brittle-to-ductile transition which can be reduced by forming and alloying.  When using pure Tungsten at high temperatures, the material’s recrystallization temperature becomes an important factor as the ductility along with the strength decreases with increasing recrystallization levels.


Tungsten Properties

Specifications: ASTM B760, ASTM F288, AMS 7898 / 7899, CAS 7440-33-7


  • High Density
  • Good Dimensional Stability
  • Low Vapor Pressure
  • High Tensile Strength
  • High Boiling Point
  • Good Electrical Conductivity
  • Good Creep behavior

For an EFINEA Tungsten data sheet or any of our other Refractory Metals and Alloys data sheets, please navigate to the Data Sheets section in our Technical Library.