Alloy 52 (Pernifer® 50, Glass Sealing 52® Alloy) Round Bar | Rod

EFINEA is the leading supplier of the controlled expansion alloy, Alloy 52 (UNS N14052). Available from stock in the forms of round bar and rod our inventory contains a large assortment of this high-quality round bar in diameters starting at 0.0395”. Alternative names for this alloy are Pernifer® 50 and CarTech® Glass Sealing 52 Alloy.


Alloy 52 chemistry of 50.5% nominal nickel with the balance iron exhibits low thermal expansion properties. Due to a higher content of nickel than the other controlled expansion alloys in this family, it also exhibits good magnetic properties. Alloy 52 is more durable than nickel alone due to the iron content and displays good machining properties. Your Alloy 52 materials are certified to ASTM standards.


Alloy 52 round bar stock items are ready-to-ship within 24-hours of your order confirmation. Additional capabilities include our skilled in-house fabrication team who provide our customers with services that include water jet cutting, slitting, centerless grinding, etc. should you require your order cut-to-size.


Call us today at 800-348-6268 and speak with our material experts about your needs. The EFINEA team will happily furnish you with all the information you need to select the optimal material for your project.

Below please find a sampling of our standard stock items. Our inventory fluctuates based on market demands. If you do not see the size or form you require, we ask that you call us for current product availability.
MaterialFormSize InchesSKU Number
Alloy 52Round Bar | Rod0.0395”52NI-RD-0395
Alloy 52Round Bar | Rod0.040”52NI-RD-040
Alloy 52Round Bar | Rod0.058”52NI-RD-058
Alloy 52Round Bar | Rod0.060”52NI-RD-060
Alloy 52Round Bar | Rod0.062”52NI-RD-062
Alloy 52Round Bar | Rod0.066”52NI-RD-066
Alloy 52Round Bar | Rod0.0781”52NI-RD-0781
Alloy 52Round Bar | Rod0.093”52NI-RD-093
Alloy 52Round Bar | Rod0.0937”52NI-RD-0937
Alloy 52Round Bar | Rod0.100”52NI-RD-100
Alloy 52Round Bar | Rod0.125”52NI-RD-125
Alloy 52Round Bar | Rod0.156”52NI-RD-156
Alloy 52Round Bar | Rod0.250”52NI-RD-250
Alloy 52Round Bar | Rod0.312”52NI-RD-312
Alloy 52Round Bar | Rod0.375”52NI-RD-375
Alloy 52Round Bar | Rod0.500”52NI-RD-500

For an EFINEA Alloy 52 data sheet, or any other Controlled Expansion Alloy data sheets, please go to the Data Sheets section in our Technical Library.