EFINEA Alloy 50 Properties

efi alloy 50 mechanical physical properties chemistry specificationsEFINEA (EFI) Alloy 50 is a soft magnetic alloy typically used in applications where high initial permeability, maximum permeability and low core loss is needed. The tables below contain the typical DC and AC magnetic properties for EFINEA Alloy 50.  Also, you will find EFINEA Alloy 50’s typical physical, mechanical, chemistry data for analysis, including references to the specifications that apply to this alloy.


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EFINEA Alloy 50 Typical DC Magnetic Properties

Initial Permeability B100
Maximum Permeability75,000150,000
Coercive Force - (Hc)1 /Oersted0.04/0.070.05/0.06
Saturation Inductance (G)2 15,00015,000
1 From 10,000 gausses; 2 From H-100 oersteds
Source: Carpenter Electrification High Permeability 49 Data Sheet v. 5/20.

EFINEA Alloy 50 Typical AC Magnetic Properties

Minimum 60 Hz AC Permeability B40 8,000
Rotor Grade 0.014 IN Thickness
All magnetic testing was performed in accordance with applicable ASTM specification. Please refer to appropriate specification for details. Procedures are product specific.
Source: Carpenter Electrification High Permeability 49 Data Sheet v. 5/20

EFINEA Alloy 50 Typical Physical Properties

Densitylb/cu in0.295
Specific Gravity8.18
Curie Temp°F860-930
Melting Point°F2600
Electrical Resistivityohm-cir mil/ft290
Thermal ConductivityBTU-in/sq. ft-hr-°F90.2
W/ . K13
Mean Specific HeatBTU/lb/ °F0.12
J/kg . K502.41
Thermal Expansionppm /°F (75°F to 842°F)5.0
ppm /°C (25°C to 450°C)9.0
Source: ASTM A753 | Carpenter Electrification High Permeability 49 Data Sheet v. 5/20

EFINEA Alloy 50 Typical
Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strengthksi75
Yield Strengthksi23
Elongation% in 2 in.40
Typical Hardness Ann.Rockwell HRB80
Modulus of Elasticityksi24
Source: ASTM A753

EFINEA Alloy 50 Chemistry

Manganese, max0.80
Silicon, max0.50
Phosphorus, max0.03
Sulfur, max0.01
Chromium, max0.30
Molybdenum, max0.30
Cobalt, max0.50
Copper, max0.30
Source: ASTM A753 Table 2 Alloy 2

EFINEA Alloy 50 Specifications

ASTM A753MIL N-14411UNS K94840

For additional information on specifications of the materials distributed by EFINEA, please visit the websites of the international organizations that develop and publish technical standards: ASTM International and ASM International.

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