Tungsten Applications

Tungsten is often selected as the “metal of choice” for applications that require this refractory metal’s unique material properties.  As an illustration, Tungsten provides these material characteristics for the applications mentioned below:

  • Highest melting point of all the refractory metals at 3410°C
  • Density of 19.3 gm/cc
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Low vapor pressure at elevated temperature
  • Good electrical and thermal conductivity

High temperature furnace components, radioactive shielding, medical devices, counter balances, glass-to-metal seals, medical devices, welding electrodes.

Tungsten wire has a wide variety of end-uses spanning a number of industries, including lighting, radiation shielding, medical devices, support structures for power tubes, vacuum heating, evaporation sources in metal processes, office machinery, and others.

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