Alloy 46 Plate, Round Bar | Rod, Sheet

alloy 46 controlled expansion alloy

Alloy 46 is a nickel-iron controlled expansion alloy available through our mill producer partnerships.  Offered in a variety of forms and sizes, including forged plate, round bar, rod, and sheet, EFINEA supplies this alloy to customers at competitive prices with minimum lead times.


This controlled expansion alloy is also known by several manufacturer tradenames, such as Pernifer® 46, NILO® 46 and CarTech® Glass Sealing 46 Gas Free Alloy.

Alloy 46 is Available in the Following Forms & Range of Sizes:


Alloy 46Plate (Forged)0.1875″ and up
Alloy 46Round Bar | Rod0.250″ and up
Alloy 46SheetCall for sizes

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To download a copy of the EFINEA Alloy 46 data sheet, or any of our Controlled Expansion Alloy data sheets, please go to the Data Sheets section in our Technical Library.