Alloy 46 (Pernifer® 46, NILO® 46, Glass Sealing 46® Gas Free Alloy)

Alloy 46 (UNS K94600) is an iron-nickel sealing alloy that conforms to ASTM F30 standards for sealing to glass in electronic applications.  The alloy’s chemistry is composed of 46% nominal nickel, with traces of manganese, silicon, carbon, chromium, phosphorus, sulfur, aluminum and the balance iron.  Alloy 46 is also referenced under the manufacturer’s trademark of Pernifer® 46, NILO® 46 and CarTech® Glass Sealing 46 Gas Free Alloy.

Alloy 46 Products

EFINEA is a leading distributor of Alloy 46 in forged plate, round bar, rod and sheet.  Please call us toll free at 800-348-6268 to speak with our material experts for sizes and lead times.  Our professional and skilled team will provide you with a custom, cost effective solution that will meet your project requirements and needs.

If you are a new customer or perhaps a customer whose needs have changed, EFINEA provides precision in-house fabrication services with orders requiring water jet cutting, slitting, shearing and centerless grinding.

CarTech Glass Sealing 46 Alloy is a registered trademark of CRS Holdings LTD., USA

NILO is a registered trademark of Huntington Alloys Corp., USA.

Pernifer is a registered trademark of VDM Metals GmbH, Germany