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molybdenum tzm round bar rod refractory alloy

Contact EFINEA when you need Molybdenum TZM round bar/rod for your next high temperature project. We have a deep inventory of the refractory metals and alloys we provide. With facilities in New Jersey and California to serve our customers, make EFINEA your source for all your specialty metals and alloys.  Below is a sampling of our standard stock TZM round bar/rod. If you do not see the bar diameter you require, please call us for product availability.  Stock items are available to ship within 24 hours of order confirmation.  Materials are carefully packaged, so your TZM Alloy bar order will arrive free from damage and on time.  All materials are certified with shipment and no order is too small.


Please contact the EFINEA sales team with inquiries, orders and any questions you might have at 800-348-6268, or complete a Request A Quote form for competitive pricing and a quick turnaround.

Molybdenum TZM Round Bar | Rod Sizes

Our inventory of high quality Molybdenum TZM round bar/rod ranges in diameters from 0.125” up to 4.720” and is listed below.  Contact our experienced sales team with your material requirements so we can match our inventory to your project requirements. Our stock TZM round bar/rod conforms to ASTM B387 Type 364 standards.  Our in-house fabrication services with state-of-the-art machining equipment and can cut your order to your exact specifications saving you time and money.

MaterialFormSizes InchesSKU Number
Molybdenum TZM Round Bar | Rod0.125”TZM-RD-125
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod0.187”TZM-RD-187
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod0.250”TZM-RD-250
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod0.312”TZM-RD-312
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod0.375”TZM-RD-375
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod0.500”TZM-RD-500
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod0.625”TZM-RD-625
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod0.750”TZM-RD-750
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod0.875”TZM-RD-875
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod1.000”TZM-RD-1.000
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod1.180”TZM-RD-1.180
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod1.378”TZM-RD-1.378
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod1.575”TZM-RD-1.575
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod1.772”TZM-RD-1.772
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod2.165”TZM-RD-2.165
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod2.500”TZM-RD-2.500
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod2.760”TZM-RD-2.760
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod3.150”TZM-RD-3.150
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod3.543”TZM-RD-3.543
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod3.937”TZM-RD-3.937
Molybdenum TZMRound Bar | Rod4.720”TZM-RD-4.720

Molybdenum TZM Description

Molybdenum TZM (0.40-0.55% Titanium, 0.06-0.12% Zirconium, 0.01-0.04% Carbon for carbide formations and balance Molybdenum) is manufactured using powder metallurgy techniques and includes small quantities of fine carbides to inhibit grain growth at high temperatures.  TZM has higher strength than pure Molybdenum and offers a higher recrystallization temperature and better creep resistance. This alloy excels in applications where components are subjected to both high temperature environments and high mechanical loading. In addition, TZM has good ductility, good thermal conductivity and possesses many other properties which make it an excellent material for very high temperature applications.


Molybdenum TZM Properties

Specifications: ASTM 387 Type 364 (Round Bar), ASTM 386 Type 364 (Sheet & Plate), UNS R03640

  • Melting Point 2623°C
  • Operating Temperatures of 1000°C to 1400°C
  • Good Thermal Conductivity
  • Low Vapor Pressure

To download a Molybdenum TZM data sheet, or any other Refractory Metals and Alloys data sheets, please go to our Data Sheets section in our Technical Library.