Kovar® Applications – ASTM F15 Alloy

Pernifer® 2918, Dilver® P1, Nilo® K

Kovar® Alloy (ASTM F15 ) is a pertinent alloy component for a wide range of applications due to its unique properties of thermal expansion, machining, and deep drawing.


Power Tubes: The power tube market uses Kovar® Alloy for glass or ceramic-to-metal construction.The intention of these tubes is to be used as power amplifiers in applications such as radio and television transmitters, induction heating equipment and navigational aides.  In communication equipment, Kovar® Alloy is found in relay links.

Microwave Tubes:  These devices translate kinetic energy directly into electromagnetic energy at microwave frequencies and serve as oscillators, amplifiers and converters.  With the development of microwave tubes, the following applications were made possible: radar, scatter propagation systems, electronic countermeasure equipment, navigational systems and communication links.

Integrated Circuits:  Flatpack and dual-in-line packages employ the alloy structure for access to and isolation for the semiconducting chip.


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