Niobium Plate, Round Bar | Rod, Sheet, Strip | Coil & Wire

niobium refractory metal round bar, rod, plate, sheet, strip and coil

EFINEA is a leading distributor of commercially pure Niobium (UNS RO4200, UNS RO4210).  This refractory metal is typically not a stock item, but through our long standing affiliations with select mills we are able to supply Niobium in the various forms and sizes you need.  Below please find a sampling of our plate, bar, sheet, strip and wire sizes.  Call us today for our competitive pricing and lead times.  At EFINEA we strive to be your first choice for all your refractory and specialty alloy supplies by always providing you with quality materials and superior customer service.

Niobium Mill Supplied Materials and Sizes

We distribute plate, round bar, rod, sheet, strip/coil and wire forms in an array of sizes all made of commercially pure Niobium.  If you order Niobium in the form of bar, rod, or wire, your materials will conform to ASTM standards B392.  Plate, sheet and strip orders conform to ASTM B393.  EFINEA provides in-house precision cutting and shearing services for our customers who prefer to have their materials delivered to specification

MaterialFormsSizes Inches
NiobiumPlate0.187" - 1.000"
NiobiumRound Bar | Rod0.030" - 4.000"
NiobiumSheet0.010" - 0.125"
NiobiumStrip | Coil0.010" - 0.070"
NiobiumWire0.001" - 0.250"

Niobium Description

Niobium, also known as Columbium, is a light grey, crystalline and ductile transition metal with a melting point of 2468°C which distinguishes it as a refractory metal. Its chemical properties and its machining characteristics are similar to those of Tantalum.  Niobium is an excellent material for fabricated parts, has applications in the nuclear industry due to its low capture cross section for thermal neutrons, becomes a superconductor at cryogenic temperatures and has the greatest magnetic penetration depth of any element. The jewelry industry has adopted this element for its visual appeal as well as its hypoallergenic characteristics as an alternative to Nickel. Niobium has many other application uses in aerospace, electronics, medical devices and other high technology industries due to its refractory characteristics.



Niobium Properties

Specifications: ASTM B392, ASTM B393, AMS 7850, UNS RO42000, UNS R04210, CAS 7440-03-01

  • Good Corrosion Resistance
  • Density: 8.60 g/cm3
  • High Ductility
  • Hypoallergenic Applications in Prosthetics and Implant Devices
  • Lowest Melting Point of Traditional Refractory Metals
  • Structural Steel Additive
  • Used in Production of Superalloys
  • Used in Superconducting Magnets

For an EFINEA Niobium data sheet, or any other Refractory Metals and Alloys data sheets, please go to the Data Sheets section in our Technical Library.

EFINEA is the leading supplier of refractory metals since 1965.  We supply, regardless of size, all industries that use our special purpose metals and alloys in their applications.