Super Invar 32-5 Applications

Super Invar 32-5 exhibits minimum thermal expansion at room temperature (one half of Invar® alloy).  The thermal expansion properties are less than that of Invar alloy in the 67/203°F (-55/95°C) temperature range. The minimal expansion of this alloy over this range of temperatures makes this alloy useful in many applications including structural components and substrates in instrument systems requiring precision measurements.  Also used in wave guide tubes and systems requiring metals in conjunction with low expansion glass/quartz assemblies.


Examples of where Super Invar 32-5 contributes to the development of a broad spectrum of applications:

  • Laser instruments and equipment
  • Metrology devices
  • Optical instruments
  • Positioning devices
  • Ring laser gyroscopes
  • Structural components
  • Telescopes

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