Super Invar 32-5 Properties

Super Invar properties mechanical physical chemistry specificationsSuper lnvar 32-5 is a controlled expansion alloy with a chemistry of 32% nominal nickel. The substitution of 5.0% (maximum) cobalt for some of the nickel lowers the thermal expansion coefficient when compared to lnvar. Provided on this page as a general reference are tables containing Super lnvar 32-5 annealed average linear coefficient of thermal expansion, typical physical properties, mechanical properties, chemical composition, and specifications.


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Super Invar 32-5 Average Coefficient of Thermal Expansion - Annealed

Temperature Range,
°C Heat Treatment
30°C to
UNS NO. K93500
871°C, 1 h, Furnace Cool
Temperature Range,
°C Heat Treatment
30°C to
UNS No. K93500
871°C 1 h, Furnace Cool
Source: ASTM F1684 X2.1

To compare the linear coefficient of thermal expansion across our line of controlled expansion glass and sealing alloys, please refer to the Thermal Expansion Table.

Super Invar 32-5 Typical Physical Properties

Densitylb/cu in0.294
Specific Gravity8.15
Curie Temp°F500
Poisson's Ratio0.230
Electrical Resistivity (73°C)ohm-cir mil/ft481.3
Thermal ConductivityBTU-in/sq. ft-hr-°F72.6
Specific HeatCal/gm°C0.12
Source: ASTM F1684/CarTech Super Invar 32-5 data sheet v. 3/15/04/CarTech Low Expansion Alloys Brochure

Super Invar 32-5 Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strengthksi70
Yield Strength (0.2%)ksi40
Elongation% in 2"40
Hardness - AnnealedRockwell B75
Modulus of Elasticity ksi21.0 x 103
Source: CarTech Super Invar 32-5 data sheet v. 3/15/04

Super Invar 32-5 Chemical Composition

Iron, nominalBal
Nickel, nominal32.0
Cobalt, nominal5.0
Manganese, max0.60
Silicon, max0.25
Chromium, max0.25
Carbon, max0.05
Aluminum, max0.10
Magnesium, max0.10
Zirconium, max0.10
Titanium, max0.10
Phosphorus, max0.015
Sulfur, max0.015
Source: ASTM F1684 Table 1 UNS No. K93500

Super Invar 32-5 Specifications

ASTM F1684UNS K93500

For additional information on specifications of the materials distributed by EFINEA, please visit the websites of the international organizations that develop and publish technical standards: ASTM International and ASM International.