EFINEA Alloy 50 Round Bar, Square Bar and Wire Rod

EFINEA Alloy 50 is available in standard grade from EFINEA in the forms of round bar, square bar and wire rod. Our stock of EFINEA Alloy 50 round bar is available in stress relief annealed condition in diameters that range from 0.250” to 2.000”.  Square bar is available in standard grade and free machining grades. The free machining grade is a registered trademark of Carpenter Technology and is known as High Permeability 49 FM®.  Wire rod is available to your requirements lighter than 3/16”.


This soft magnetic alloy is the material of choice for a variety of applications that require initial high permeability, maximum permeability, and low core loss.  Examples of where you may find this alloy are in motors, sensors, high frequency scanners, oscillators, chokes, LF power transducers, solenoids and gyroscopes.


EFINEA Alloy 50 is produced by the leading specialty metal manufacturers and is also known by the following trade names:

  • High Permeability 49®
  • Magnifer® 50


A suggested heat treatment for this alloy is located on the ferromagnetic annealing heat treating page. Finished parts must be specially annealed to optimize the properties of this alloy.


Please refer to the tables below for the forms and typical sizes EFINEA stocks.  Our inventory fluctuates based on market demands, so call the EFINEA sales team if you do not see a size listed.

EFINEA Alloy 50 Round Bar

EFINEA Alloy 50 round bar materials are available from stock in stress relief annealed conditions.

MaterialFormSize InchesSKU Number
EFINEA Alloy 50Round Bar | Rod0.250”EFI50-RD-250
EFINEA Alloy 50Round Bar | Rod0.375”EFI50-RD-375
EFINEA Alloy 50Round Bar | Rod0.412”EFI50-RD-412
EFINEA Alloy 50Round Bar | Rod0.500”EFI50-RD-500
EFINEA Alloy 50Round Bar | Rod0.625”EFI50-RD-625
EFINEA Alloy 50Round Bar | Rod0.750”EFI50-RD-750
EFINEA Alloy 50Round Bar | Rod1.000”EFI50-RD-1.000
EFINEA Alloy 50Round Bar | Rod1.062”EFI50-RD-1.062
EFINEA Alloy 50Round Bar | Rod1.250”EFI50-RD-1.250
EFINEA Alloy 50Round Bar | Rod1.375”EFI50-RD-1.375
EFINEA Alloy 50Round Bar | Rod1.4375”EFI50-RD-1.4375
EFINEA Alloy 50Round Bar | Rod1.500”EFI50-RD-1.500
EFINEA Alloy 50Round Bar | Rod1.750”EFI50-RD-1.750
EFINEA Alloy 50Round Bar | Rod2.000”EFI50-RD-2.000

EFINEA Alloy 50 Square Bar

EFINEA Alloy 50 square bar is available from stock.

MaterialFormSize InchesSKU Number
EFINEA Alloy 50 Square Bar1.003"EFI50-RECT-1.003
EFINEA Alloy 50Square Bar2.030"EFI50-RECT-2.030

High Permeability 49 FM® Square Bar

EFINEA stocks High Permeability 49 FM® square bar from Carpenter Technology Corp.  Selenium is added to the chemistry to increase machinability and influence permeability for this free machining variation.

MaterialFormSize InchesSKU Number
High Permeability 49®Square Bar1.781”HP49FM-RECT-1.781
High Permeability 49®Square Bar1.844”HP49FM-RECT-1.844
High Permeability 49®Square Bar2.031”HP49FM-RECT-2.031
High Permeability 49®Square Bar2.440”HP49FM-RECT-2.440

EFINEA Alloy 50 Wire Rod

EFINEA stocks EFINEA Alloy 50 in the form of wire rod.  We process our stock to manufacturer sizes to your requirements lighter than 3/16″.  EFI 50 Alloy wire rod is available in the as drawn temper and ground.  We can also custom manufacturer our rod to your surface, temper, condition, length, and tolerances.


To download a copy of the EFINEA Alloy 50 data sheet or any of our other Soft Magnetic Alloy data sheets, please navigate to the Data Sheets section in our Technical Library.